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We have a new website!!!

We are pleased to introduce our new website. Some of you may have noticed that it has arrived quietly over the last week or so. At present, our product range is limited to new mobility scooters, but keep an eye on this space. We are looking to introduce new product lines over the coming weeks. These include:

  • Pre-owned mobility scooters

  • Lift and Rise chairs

  • Walking aids and wheelchairs

  • and much more

We can only apologise if some of your favourite products have disappeared, but we promise it’s part of a larger plan. The introduction of this new site is the next step to building the business and growing our online presence.

We shall be communicating more via our blog and intend to start doing product reviews for our customers to enjoy. The reviews are our way of being transparent about the products themselves.

Keep an eye out for more exciting news!

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