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About Us

Let's start with our beliefs...

Mobility is a privilege. Some of us never have the privilege to begin with, some of us unfortunately lose it. Either way, here at MLV Mobility, we don’t believe in taking advantage of other people’s misfortune. Because of this, we decided to set up our company based on three simple beliefs: 


We believe in being fair 

Some of the store based companies do not share their prices and they will haggle with you to maximise their profit. Here at MLV, we always share the prices of our products online, and so, that’s what you pay. We set our prices to be as reasonable as we can and include engineered delivery as standard. 


We don’t believe in pushy sales tactics 

Unfortunately, much like car sales, there are those in our industry that might be pushy. We don’t believe in being like this. Our role is to ensure a customers are comfortable, happy and treated well. We shall not ‘cold call’, we shall not keep pestering you. We will give you all the information, we will demonstrate a product, and we will allow you to make your own decision. 


We believe in restoring people’s freedom 

The sole purpose of our business is to give people the comfort and freedom that we should all be entitled to. Life doesn’t always go the way we’d all like, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you make the most of it.

Our founder

The founder of MLV mobility is Anthony Malvern. He was born in a small mining town on the border of North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.


His parents owned and ran a successful mobility company that he grew up working in. At the age of 16, he decided to venture into the wider world and joined the RAF as an apprentice technician.


He qualified as an Avionic Aircraft Technician and served the RAF for over 9 years in various roles. It eventually would lead him to training technicians on his specific aircraft.


When he decided that he wanted to settle down, he left the RAF and ended up working within automation. This allowed him to see the future of logistics, how to manage supply chains and how best to serve his customers. He dealt with ensuring that engineers across Northern Europe were competent to carry out their roles safely.


After several years, Anthony decided he wanted a fresh challenge and upon looking at his parent’s old industry, he realised that (for the most part) it hadn’t really moved on. His focus was to build a friendly, fair mobility company that could blend the best parts of the online world, and the best parts of a more traditional business. And so… MLV Mobility was born.

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